Our fleet

The Fokker 50 aircraft offers an excellent combination of comfort and reliability. The aircraft’s design makes it ideal for charter operations as, due to its superior performance and low noise, it can land at smaller airports which are often located closer to city centres. The cabin configuration allows room for a maximum of 50 passengers and offers ample legroom and leather seating.

Where do you want to go?

With a range of 1,700 kilometres, VLM can operate non-stop to virtually every major city in Europe from its bases in Antwerp, Cardiff, Cambridge and Rotterdam.

In-flight service – the sky’s the limit

All VLM charters include standard catering within the price. But we can offer a wide variety of catering arrangements to meet your specific needs. From special dietary requirements to champagne and caviar. All delivered by our highly experienced cabin crew.

Technical details

Maximum take-off weight 20,820kg
Cruising speed 220 knots
Cruising altitude 25,000ft
Range Up to 1,700km
Seats 50
Configuration 4 abreast (2-2)
Seat pitch 32 inches
Flight crew 2
Cabin crew 2


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