VLM Airlines has a vast amount of experience of servicing the needs of the charter market. Our aircraft have criss-crossed Europe providing bespoke charters for a wide range of clients ranging from corporate and governmental to rock stars and sports teams.


At your service

Our team of specialists are available to discuss every aspect of your charter ranging from inflight catering, to private terminal access and even personalisation of the aircraft itself.

Convenient and flexible

The VLM fleet offers some very distinct advantages over larger aircraft not the least of which is its ability to operate into many smaller regional airports which may well be closer to your ultimate destination.

Add to this the fact that many airline schedules don’t allow you to make a return trip within the same day, a charter can save you the not inconsiderable expense of overnight accommodation.

Highly cost effective

Private charters are not solely for the rich and famous (though of course they are more than welcome and indeed are frequent customers). Though unlikely to equal the cost of flying on a low cost airline, they are surprisingly affordable for large groups wishing to travel together.

Furthermore when it comes to costs, it’s also good to know that there are no hidden extras! Our prices always include standard catering and all passenger taxes so you won’t have to add any reservation fees, commission or other taxes afterwards. We are here to take the hassle out of travel!

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